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Friday, June 26, 2020

New Video: Caterham High School Tour for New Year 7s

Here's a very quick turnaround video I just made for Caterham High School. Due to the lockdown, not many prospective pupils have been able to visit the school to have a look around and meet their new teachers. So I was asked to come in for a day, film what I could, then create this short 'virtual tour' of the school. The aim of the video is to show new pupils around the school buildings and introduce the key staff members they are most likely to meet in their first year.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

My Past Year in Videos

About this time last year, the directors of TANDEM Films decided to call it a day and announced the closure of the company. So having worked at the studio for twelve years, I was out in the world looking for work ...

As a family man and mortgagee I had to find an income somehow from my skills and experiences, so I started offering my services on a freelance basis to anyone who might value them. Job offers didn't exactly flood in, so I decided to start making calls, sending out emails and see if I could start generating some work.

So over the last year I have been somehow been finding video projects to make. Some of the fruits of this labour can be seen here...

July 2014

Simon's Cat 'Off To The Vet: a behind the scenes glimpse. 01:56
A promotional 'Behind The Scenes' film featuring Simon Tofield storyboarding his new film project 'Off to The Vet'

August 2014

Simon's Cat 'Off To The Vet: Story Inspiration. 02:16
A promotional film featuring Simon Tofield and his new film project 'Off to The Vet'

September 2014

FusePump, BuyNow Explained 02:00
An 'explainer' film for FusePump to show how their BuyNow web marketing product works.

October 2014

Arte Ottomana 1450-1600 08:45
An 8 minute documentary for Hali Publishing to accompany an exhibition of Ottoman era artworks showing at the Palazzo Lomellino gallery in Genoa. (Italian with Enflish over-titles).

November 2014

Simon's Cat 'Off To The Vet: Vet Visit'
A promotional documentary for Simon's Cat Ltd. documenting a visit to the Cats Protection Charity Headquarters by Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield.

December 2014

Thomas & Friends YouTube content (intro only). 0:20
I made the 20 seconds motion graphics introduction now being used by Hit! Entertainment to brand all of their Thomas & Friends YouTube video content. Produced by Spider Eye.

January 2015
Sofreh: The The Art of Persian Celebration. 8:00
I made a motion graphics 'slide show' to play at the London book launch of a very special art book by author Maryam Khosrowshahi and Hali Publishing. (The video shows much of the book content and can't be viewed here.)

February 2015

Vanderpump & Sykes Solicitors 6:00
A longer 8 minute version of this motion graphics film plays on a continual loop at the headquarters of this legal firm.

March 2015 1:23

April 2015

Nevion Product videos 4 x 1:40
I made 4 product videos for this tech company producing studio equipment for the broadcast industry. .

May 2015
Currently unrelaeased app. demo video 1:20
More Photoshop background artwork made for Thomas & Friends.

June 2015
Some After Effects compositing work for an old TANDEM colleague...

So if anybody out there is remotely interested, that's most of what I've been doing for the year since TANDEM closed down.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stills from New Video for Vanderpump & Sykes Solicitors

Here's news (with a few stills) of a video project delivered for a new client.

I have just completed a six minute motion graphics video for Enfield-based law firm Vanderpump & Sykes.
Visitors to the firm's Windmill Hill office will be able to see the video running on a large HD screen situated in the firm's reception area.

The video is 'modular' in form,comprising of nine sections presenting a menu of the extensive legal services and specialisms on offer.

The video has been devised to run silently to maintain the serenity of the office environment.

With a six minute running time, the video has been designed to loop seamlessly: the content can be run continuously throughout the working day.

The animated typography is set in the 'Agenda' typeface. The warm and autumnal colour palette has been chosen to complement existing print and web material from the firm.

I offer my video production services under my own name, trading as I am available to work for agencies or clients directly and always very keen to take on new projects. Please email if you'd like to discuss developing video content for your business too.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Spring 2014 Collection

Here's a new show reel of my directing work. I'm entering a new and somewhat exciting phase in my career now; offering my considerable film-making services direct to clients and agencies.

All of the work on this reel are projects I have directed, with quite a lot of my animation, shooting, compositing and editing in the mix too. Most of what you see are commercial jobs produced during my time with Tandem Films, although there are some freelance projects and clips from my own short films in there too.

I'm very keen to take on more work in the corporate video sector; promotional films, information films and documentary/event shooting too. If you have a video project in mind, please do get in touch an we'll develop your idea further together. Please find my contact details at the end of the reel.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Simon's Real Cats

Here's another short video I've just put together for Simon's Cat Ltd. in which Simon Tofield (the creator of the Simon's Cat cartoons) tells us all about his own real cats.

We created a moving collage of Simon's drawings and photos to carry the story along. compositing/editing is done in Adobe After Effects.

Once again, music and sound mix is by Russell Pay (a.k.a.'Shrooty').

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

'Gromit Unleashed' Film for Simon's Cat

Here's a new video I've just shot/edited for Simon's Cat Ltd. Here, Simon Tofield is seen bringing his unique illustration talents to bear on a gigantic fibreglass Gromit sculpture in aid of the 'Gromit Unleashed' campaign.