Short promotional films are a great way to present your product or service to new customers. Good promo films should intrigue your viewers and inspire them with the quality and integrity of your offering. If you require a film or commercial for TV or the web, and wish to discuss your requirements, please email and we can work together to develop your concept.

ALDI 'HUNGER' 2021 campaign video duration 1:04

This video was commissioned by ad. agency BCW on behalf of Aldi for their campaign to provide food for families in need. It features the voice of Marcus Rashford and illustrations by Lisa Stickley.

CATERHAM HIGH SCHOOL '6th FORM TOUR' 2020 promo video duration 3:50

This video is a 'virtual school tour' to introduce prospective 6th Form students to the staff and facilities on offer at Caterham High School.

CATERHAM HIGH SCHOOL 'YEAR 7 TOUR' 2020 promo video duration 4:17

I've now made a couple of these 'school tour' videos for Caterham High School. In times of C19 lockdown, it has been impossible for schools to hold the usual open days for prospective students. These videos are a good way to 'virtually' show new students around the spaces and introduce them to some of the key staff members.

KASPERSKY SECUR'IT COMPETITION 2018 promo video duration 1:00

Here's a promo video made for Kaspersky Labs (via agency 90Seconds) to use online to launch and promote their 'Secur'IT' competition for students. This link shows the movie as it is now published over on the Kaspersky YouTube channel. I worked with the client to create this edit using stock images/footage. There's also a French language version of this video published by Kaspersky France, here.

CARPET DESIGN AWARDS 2016 event promo film duration 1:20

This is a promotional video that I completed for Hali Publications Ltd. to promote the CDA Awards event held each january in Hannover Germany. I directed, created the motion graphics (Cinema 4D and After Effects) and edited this piece. I was given existing footage from the previous show to add in to the mix too.

VANDERPUMP & SYKES SOLICITORS 2015 services promo film duration 2:00

This is a promotional video that I completed for an Enfield-based law firm. The 3D graphics were made in Cinema 4D, and I used After Effects for the rest of the text and motion graphics work. A longer six minute version of this content was delivered to run continuously on a large screen in the reception area of the firm's head-office.

NEVION SUBLIME X2 ROUTER 2015 product demo film duration 1:30

This is one of six videos I delivered for Nevion Corp. The client wrote the script, then I sourced the voice-over, directed, storyboarded designed and edited the motion graphics. I also used Cinema 4D to make 3D models of the company's hardware products. Turnaround for the set of 4 videos was around 6 weeks. For this project my producer/agent was Philip Pepper.

PHONEBOOK.CLUB 2015 app promo / demo film duration 1:23

This is an app promo / demonstration film that I completed for a client to use as part of their crowd-funding campaign. Turnaround time was about 4 weeks. As well as directing and producing this I wrote the script for it too.

FUSEPUMP 'Buy Now' 2014 product 'explainer' film duration 2:00

3D animated product demonstration film commissioned by FusePump Ltd. The film compares customer experiences whilst shopping online. I wrote, directed and made this promotional film. For CG animation now I've got into Maxon Cinema 4D. I've bought the full r16 'Studio' version.

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON: START YOUR OWN JOURNEY 2013-14 web promo film duration 01:37

Stop motion animated web promo film commisioned by TfL and made at TANDEM films. I co-directed this project with Tobias Fouracre. The film depicts an imaginary journey through London and promotes several features of the website along the way.

GUIDE TO GUARDIAN LIVING 2010 duration 13:00

This is a one minute extract from a thirteen minute corporate film I made for Camelot Property Management. The film is an animated instructional guide to prospective live-in 'Guardians' designed to outline the regulations and contractual details of their licence agreement. The visual treatment is clean and graphical; an instructional style devised for maximum clarity of the message. I produced,directed and edited this film, but also put together a team of animation friends including Jeroen and Mike B. for the 2D(rotoscoping) and 3D(Maya) elements. I composited in After Effects and edited in Premiere. The entire film can be seen over on the Camelot Europe YouTube channel here


I planned, wrote, shot, directed and edited this crowd-funding appeal film for Simon's Cat Ltd. The campaign was very successful, raising £311,000 for the team to make a special longer and more colourful Simon's Cat film 'Off to the Vet'. This video was a fundamental part of what came to be one of the UK's most successful film crowd-funding projects.

POLICE 101 2011 duration 00:50

I was commissioned by agency M&C Saatchi to make this web promo film for the UK Home Office. The film uses (almost entirely) still photography to create urban scenarios depicting low-level crime incidents. As well as directing the piece, Chris planned, shot and mostly composited it too.

MAKING SIMON'S CAT : EARRINGS 2013 duration 02:04

This short film looks behind the scenes and shows how Simon's Cat Silver earings are manufactured. The manufacturing footage was shot by the jeweler Christopher Milton Stevens. Studio footage, editing and direction by Chris Gavin. This video is embedded here from the official Simon's Cat Youtube channel, adverts may appear.

THE SIMON'S CAT STORY 2014 duration 03:25

I wrote and directed this film for Simon's at Ltd. This biographical film tells the life story of Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield. The film uses Simon's own drawings and narration to tell the story in the popular 'Draw My Life' style. This film has been watched well over 2 million times on YouTube. This video is embedded here from the official Simon's Cat Youtube channel, adverts may appear.

SIMON DRAWS #1: SIMON'S CAT 2011-14 web series of 12 x 03:00 episodes

Recently I have been working for Simon's Cat Ltd. developing new video content for the Simon's Cat YouTube channel and also extra content for DVD releases. Chris produces a webisodic series to showcase Simon Tofield's drawing talents. 'Simon Draws' is a series of pleasing tutorials encouraging fans of Simon's Cat to learn how to draw some of their favourite cartoon characters. Chris devised this format and help with the audio/video recording of these films and edit them into fun and informative three minute episodes.
NEWS+++ Seven of these Simon Draws films have been released so far, more are to follow. This first episode Simon Draws : Simon's Cat has now been watched over 1 million times on YouTube. Another Five of these films (plus more special content) have been made exclusively for the Simon's Cat DVD release, so aren't yet available on the web. This video is embedded here from the official Simon's Cat Youtube channel, adverts may appear.

OUR TRAGIC UNIVERSE 2011 duration 01:10

This short animation film was commissioned by publishing firm Canongate Books to help promote the paperback release of 'Our Tragic Universe' the latest novel from author Scarlett Thomas. I directed and animated this film, some of the footage (the waves and seagull) is recycled from my old Super8 home movies. Other elements are HD and stop motion content shot with a Canon DSLR camera; compositing in After Effects.

LITTLE HANDS CLAPPING 2011 duration 01:10

This short animation film was commissioned by publishing firm Canongate Books to help promote the paperback release of 'Little Hands Clapping' the latest novel from author Dan Rhodes. I made this film in his home studio as stop motion animation using a Canon DSLR camera and StopMotionPro software; compositing in After Effects.


This is a short documentary/promotional video I directed and edited whilst at TANDEM for Simon's Cat Ltd. Simon Tofield is the creator of the hugely popular Simon's Cat films and books. This film was used on the release of Simon Tofield's first book by the publishers to publicize the release. Combining the stats at both the Hachette(US) & Canongate(UK) YouTube channels this has been watched over a million times so far! D.O.P. for this film was the legendary Simon Paul using a rented Sony EX3 camera. This video is embedded here from the Canongate Books Youtube channel.

AQUARIUM ARCHITECTURE  2010 duration 00:38

This demonstration film was commissioned to appear on the Aquarium Architecture website. The sequence illustrates the planning and installation of a feature aquarium. The final live-action footage was provided by Beeston Media. (There is no audio on this film.) I directed and animated this using Flash and Maya; compositing in After Effects.


I directed this 10 second TV spot whilst at TANDEM Films. It was made to promote a 'Guide to Drawing and Painting' supplement for The Guardian & Observer newspapers. The ad agency was W+K London. Although the ad was to be only 10 seconds long, the agency wanted to depict the reversed process of an artist sketching and painting an illustration. Luckily I found a nice piece of stock footage of the frog leaping, so we gave this image to the artist as reference and she sketched and painted it a few times under the HD rostrum camera we set up. I then reversed reversed and re-timed extensively the footage, using mixes to just capture the essential strokes and gestures of the creative process.