Whenever I get the opportunity, I LOVE to make music videos too.

TOT TAYLOR 'THIS NEW ABBA RECORD' 2021 music promo video duration 3:37

Here's a music video for Tot Taylor's new track "This New Abba Record". I decided to create the video in square format. Most online videos these days eventually require a square version for use on social media platforms, so I thought why not just plan the film to be square from the get go. I also liked the idea of using a kind of "rule of four" to guide the design, as the song is about a particularly famous Swedish foursome. So going square seemed to work with this idea. I took this 'rule of fouurs'into the graphics design too, finding a four line font with a suitable disco/'70s vibe to it.

THE BOB BAKER SOUND 'THE WAY IT IS' 2020 music promo video duration 4:00

Here's a music video for The Bob Baker Sound's new track "The Way It Is.". The band and management team shot this performance video for their track on mobile phones. I got all the footage to edit together and decided to add some graphics and animation inserts too.

BENJAMIN SCHEUER 'LAFAYETTE SQUARE' 2020 music promo video duration 4:13

Here's a music video for Benjamin Scheuer's new track "Lafayette Square". I had just two weeks to turn this video around, so we decided to create a simpler 'lyric video', mostly using typography to tell the story.

TOT TAYLOR 'I'LL GO MY OWN WAY' 2020 music promo video duration 5:20

Here's a the just-released music video for Tot Taylor's new track 'I'll Go My Own Way'. The song is something of a 'stream of conciousness' piece, so I chose to show the protoganist finding his path through a colourful mental landscape. I made this animated video entirely at home during the 'lockdown' period earlier this year. The single has just been released and is available through Rough Trade Records.

TOT TAYLOR 'FEATURETTE' 2019 music promo video duration 2:40

Here's a music video I just made for Tot Taylor's new track 'Featurette'. The track is somewhat autobiographical and tells the tale of Tot as a hopeful teenager in the 1970s. Tot bunked-off school one day to go hawking his demo cassette around the London recording studios. There's a retro and nostalgic vibe to the track, so I tried to capture this mood by creating some somewhat wobbly/naive animation and by shooting some genuine super8 and 16mm cine footage too.

VIRNA LINDT 'AVANT GARDE' 2019 music promo video duration 4:24

For this track I was asked to make a simpler kind of music video with a tighter production schedule. I only had the vinyl record and a couple of still photos of the artist Virna Lindt to work with. I opted for a somewhat 'low-fi motiongraphics' style. The track has a certain pulsing shuffle to it, so I used lots of 'dust' and 'noise' in the graphics to keep the imagery buzzing and alive throughout the track.

JOSEPH BURCH 'HOPES & DREAMS' 2016 music promo video duration 3:40

I was asked by singer/songriter Joe Burch to make a promo video for his track 'Hopes & Dreams'. Joe and I spent a day shooting this in and around Essex Road Islington. It really was grim and wet that day, but luckily that seemed to be in-keeping with the song's mood! The best bit was getting permission to shoot for about 20 minutes in the 'Past Caring' second hand shop there. The shop-keeper was really helpful: also letting me film him opening and closing the store, footage which ended-up book-ending the piece.