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Saturday, July 11, 2020

New Video: Caterham High School Tour (6th Form)

Here's another very quick turnaround video I just made for Caterham High School. Due to the lockdown, not many prospective pupils have been able to visit the school to have a look around and meet their new teachers. So I was asked to come in for a day, film what I could, then create this short 'virtual tour' of the school. The aim of the video is to show prospective 6th form students around the school buildings and introduce the key staff members.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Promo Video for

Here's a new app demo / promo video I have just delivered for The video is now being used online to promote the new smartphone app and raise awareness for a crowd-funding campaign now taking place on Indiegogo here.

The video is quite a mixed media piece, combining footage, photography and a little stop-motion and CG work too. I wrote the script and completed all of the video production work on this one. The video was delivered in around a four week turnaround from initial briefing.

For anyone interested in how I create this kind of work, the client has also uploaded my rough animatic to Vimeo. This is a very crude version of the video I made early on in the development process. So in the interests of 'showing the workings' here is my animatic (rough version) of the same video.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Spring 2014 Collection

Here's a new show reel of my directing work. I'm entering a new and somewhat exciting phase in my career now; offering my considerable film-making services direct to clients and agencies.

All of the work on this reel are projects I have directed, with quite a lot of my animation, shooting, compositing and editing in the mix too. Most of what you see are commercial jobs produced during my time with Tandem Films, although there are some freelance projects and clips from my own short films in there too.

I'm very keen to take on more work in the corporate video sector; promotional films, information films and documentary/event shooting too. If you have a video project in mind, please do get in touch an we'll develop your idea further together. Please find my contact details at the end of the reel.