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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Music Video: Tot Taylor "This New Abba Record"

Tot Taylor has a new 7" single out today! This is the 3rd music video I've made for Tot's music.

This time I decided to create the video in square format. Most online videos these days eventually require a square version for use on social media platforms, so I thought why not just plan the film to be square from the get go. I also liked the idea of using a kind of "rule of four" to guide the design, as the song is about a particularly famous Swedish foursome. So going square seemed to work with this idea, plus the idea that record covers are naturally square too.

When choosing a typeface for all this, the four line font I found for 'ABBA' seemed to fit in with the whole concept and have that 'disco era' look going for it too. I found a three line font for the word 'TOT'.