Friday, July 05, 2013

Wall of Death : Super8 film DIY processed/digitized

Here's a little experimental film. Super 8 cine footage of the Ken Fox Wall of Death Troupe doing their death-defying thing in Enfield in May 2013.

I shot black and white negative film because I wanted to try some home processing. This film was developed in short lengths using Caffenol C-M developer.

The film was digitized in various ways, partly with a flatbed scanner, but mostly using a DSLR camera and macro optics to re-photograph the tiny frames. Some of the film was advanced by hand under the camera, and some strips were moved using a stepper motor/sprocket wheel mechanism I've been working on.


Petevideos said...

Very well edited and thought of it, it has a truly documentarian quality of realism

chrisgavin said...

Hi Petevideos, thanks for watching this and commenting too. This was just a few minutes of life/shooting experience, with a very short amount of footage captured. Then it took a lot more time to figure out how to process and digitize the film at home. The soundtrack was recorded absolutely separately at another show (by the same Wall of Death team) on another occasion: so in some ways there is a bit of a 'fib' here and it's not as 'true' a documentary experience as one might imagine ; ) But I'm happy with the way the elements came together.