Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My First 3D Print Job

Well, there it is! This evening I designed this small sprocket wheel in Autodesk 123D Design, a free and very basic solid modelling application, available here.

Why did I choose to make this for my first foray into the future of manufacturing? Well, it's small, simple and if it works could become a little cog (quite literally) in my ongoing DIY film scanning endeavour. That's if it comes back and engages the film properly. I've referenced the SMPTE super 8 dimensions, so I've got to hope it will. I'm keen to see if this method of design/manufacture will enable me to make the small pieces for this project with anything like the required precision.

I've sent this off to Shapeways.com who knows what I'll get back in 10 days time, stay posted...


Unknown said...

Any chance I can get a hold of your 3D sprocket designs for super8?

Jim said...

Hi Philip,

I was wondering how this worked out and if I could get your plans for the sprocket. I did a project like this a decade ago that I've recently decided to resurrect (see http://jiminger.com/s8/ ). I did a bunch of Super 8 film but I now have regular 8 film I'd like to do. Plus I have a new scanner capable of creating HDR images for auto-correcting contrast issues.

Jim Carroll