Sunday, February 24, 2013

Further Adventures in 3D Printing

I've revised the 3D design of my 6 tooth super 8 film sprocket wheel slightly, and had a pair of these new ones printed at
I reduced the size of the sprocket teeth this time and ordered 'fine detail white plastic'. Here's the result, and this time, the teeth do seem to mesh with a piece of film. Encouraged by this, I've just sent away my design for a 20 tooth sprocket...


Jacques said...


I am in the process of doing the exact same thing.

If possible, could you share your cad files with me ?

(I gather from the 20 teeth, you will be using a 1.8deg stepper motor, and this lines the frames up perfectly...)


chrisgavin said...

Hi there Narigas and Jacques. In my final design that I have used now to capture a couple of super8 films, I settled on a 20 tooth film sprocket (see later posts).

I've made the sprockets available on the Shapeways website, so they can be ordered from there...

best Wishes, Chris

Anonymous said...

Do you mind making a standard 8mm version of this sprocket with 6 teeth?