Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pain in the Blogs

Well, this blog has been up since August 2005 and is still running! What you are reading now is hosted on my own web space and maintained/updated using Blogger. For almost 5 years now using this 'publishing by FTP' approach has suited me well: allowing me to have an easily maintained blog working within my www.chrisgavin.com website.

However... Blogger have now announced they will be terminating the ability to work this way. Publishing to Blogger via FTP is soon to be discontinued. This entire blog will have to be migrated over to Blogger's hosting space where either a blogspot or Domain link will be used to address it.

Having to figure this out will doubtless take time and it's generally a pain to have to even think about it... Blogger have been promising a migration tool to help the process, but this has been postponed again. Thankfully the March 26th deadline for the switchover has been postponed to May sometime.
Anyone similarly affected by this news might like to check out the Blogger FTP migration blog for further details...

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