Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gadding About

Lot's of going out to interesting things this week. After all these years living in London I finally seem to be making the most of it!

Last Sunday took the family to a screening of Henry Selick's 'Coraline' at the Mayfair Hotel (with thanks to Focus Features for that), then Monday started a couple of weeks stint in Soho doing compositing working for Not To Scale. My first proper work out of TANDEM in the last 8 or so years!

Wednesday turned out to be a rather spontaneous jazz and pizza night, then Friday to the Design Museum in Butler's Wharf for the 'Sparkle The Dark Up Event'. Lots of animators, art installations and old friends too. The Design Museum was also hosting an exhibition of Braun product design, lots of very cool German gadgetry, notably lots of hifi and cine gear from the 60s/70s. There were of course several Braun Nizo super 8 cameras on display, I've got a couple of these; great styling is pretty ageless even if the formats and technologies come and go.

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