Monday, June 22, 2009

TXT ISLAND : The Trailer

TXT ISLAND seems to be getting some nice responses out there. I've just re-cut the trailer to refer to the film's YouTube home over on the Tandem Channel.

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David said...

TXTI's the best short film I've seen for a decayed ... er ...aid.
Exquisite timeing, anagnoresis and choice of soundscape.
There must be a word for the film teacher who sees in his (er ... her) student's (or should that be s') work the undeniable evidence that she (er ...he) is witnessing something s/he could never do anywhere near as well. Envy, jealousy, something ending with a 'y' will loosely do, perhaps, but there should be a special word which collapses the weaknesses, limitations, and consequential insecurities of the sensitive viewer and the recognition of the immutability of reversal .... but then again, what's the word for the joy of seeing such formidable taste and knowing that nothing that you could have done could have halted .. er .. ered such talent.
Knocked out, I am ....
Ah!, I've found the word ...