Friday, October 13, 2006

New Work in Blogress Starts Here

I'm embarking on a new shortfilm/newmedia project now, so thought I'd post some work in progress right from the start as the work erm... progresses.

The outline of the idea is to produce a short film with a branching narrative to be controlled by randomisation coding within the movie. I'm proposing a film that presents a different story each time it's viewed. The working title is 'I.D.' and the tagline; 'a new movie everytime'. I've looked around on the web, and think this concept falls somewhere in that grey area between cartoon and generative art. It currently looks like this...

It's early days obviously, but the first phase will be writing the content and devising scenarios for the piece. Along the way, I'm hoping to overcome any fiendish coding and production issues. I'm hoping that some readers will find this of interest, and would welcome any feedback on this.

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