Monday, October 30, 2006

Telephone Camera Thing

I've finally replaced my aging and failing mobile and got a new SonyEricsson one. I was fairly amazed to find that as well as shooting stills and lo-res movies, it's even got some basic video editing software onboard! The so-called 'Video DJ' application lets you string together up to 5 shots with very basic trimming and titling functions. It's all at very lo-res of course (176x144 pixels and very compressed) the movies get saved in .3gp format.

I've started dabbling with this and might post some kind of phone-made movie things here at some later date...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


The branching storylines are best developed through the use of flow charts. The example here shows a few of the elements and how they might link together in story terms. My intention is to map out the entire schematic of the project this way, using a fairly broad approach for now. The next step will be to outline the possible narratives within these modules.

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Work in Blogress Starts Here

I'm embarking on a new shortfilm/newmedia project now, so thought I'd post some work in progress right from the start as the work erm... progresses.

The outline of the idea is to produce a short film with a branching narrative to be controlled by randomisation coding within the movie. I'm proposing a film that presents a different story each time it's viewed. The working title is 'I.D.' and the tagline; 'a new movie everytime'. I've looked around on the web, and think this concept falls somewhere in that grey area between cartoon and generative art. It currently looks like this...

It's early days obviously, but the first phase will be writing the content and devising scenarios for the piece. Along the way, I'm hoping to overcome any fiendish coding and production issues. I'm hoping that some readers will find this of interest, and would welcome any feedback on this.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Russco's Bloggo

As top cross-media designer Russ kindly bigged-up my short film 'Evo' on his blog recently, it'd be just rude not to send some of my traffic back over to his place - An evolving directory of all things designerly and eclectic.

Google ÿþ

My Google listings for and have been messed up for the last few weeks. The mystery of the ÿþ character and the unwanted display of HTML code is probably down to saving my index.html page with the wrong text encoding from Notepad.

UPDATE It's fixed now...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Meshing About

I've put a proposal in for the Mesh scheme. The working title is "I.D." and it's to be a short film with a randomising narrative. Very early days in the development of this yet, but I'll post some details soon.
Whether or not Channel Four / Mesh choose to fund this, I'll continue some pre-production work in the meantime...