Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Random to the Movies

I'm ploughing on to finish the short film 'Evo' soon, and needless to say, new ideas keep coming along when I'm least able to act upon them. Moving house this week will doubtless contribute to furthering this frustration erm... further.

One idea I'm toying with takes the randomly generated text of Poematic into the realm of movie-making. I.e. some kind of code that generates movie scripts and draws on a bank of picture and audio elements to make a pseudo-narrative film that really is different every time. It's probably animation again, because this allows for more dynamically created elements etc. No matter how great the code is, the result will be surreal and disjointed... I quite like the idea of using familiar trappings of the thriller genre as the components for this.

Working title for this project "Unique" ... a tagline already too "the new film every time film"
Is it a goer?

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