Monday, March 20, 2006

What's Goin' On?

Keen-eyed visitors to will spot that after a splurge of activity updating the 'poematic' section with movies etc, activity seems to have now abated somewhat. The day job at Tandem Films has taken over again, with my fifth directing job for Sky TV! It's been promos up to now, but this job is more in the graphics area.
Of course work on my short film (now titled 'Evo') should have taken a bashing, but I've rather been spurred on to get this thing finished. The picture is now just a tad over two minutes, with no rough artwork anymore. It's almost at the stage at which I'll have another pass adding elements here and there, possibly for around the next month or two. On completion of the picture I'll have to dig back into my archives to fix the music, then think about a possible effects track too.
Still too early to call this thing done, but it feels like it's into the last push...

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