Sunday, November 13, 2005

Photo: 'Timelapse Test 005'

I finally got the chance to take the new camera out to shoot some timelapse footage this evening. The still here is from a test sequence of fast-moving traffic shot with long exposures.

I'm using a Canon 350d; it's got fully manual exposure settings and can capture repeatedly when the button is held down. I found shutter speeds in the range 1-2 seconds give a nice motion trail but allow a high enough frame rate for coherent motion from one frame to the next.

When comping the stills back into a movie, setting the speed at 2 frames per image with frame blending enabled worked very nicely. (i.e. on twos with mixes).

If I'm going to do any more more of this, I'd definitely like a remote shutter release switch. Ultimately a timelapse controller for this camera would be nice too!

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