Friday, September 09, 2005

Retro Rugby Poster

Just completed; this poster for a local rugby tournament.
I'm becoming a big fan of the typeface 'Rosewood'. It's quite old-fashioned and rather flouncy. It's got a built in drop shadow to the bottom right, which I removed because I wanted the text to bulge forward and the drop shadows to 'radiate' from the centre of the image.
The image of a retro rugby squad, was re-arranged to give the appropriate arrangement for a 'Sevens' team.


Anonymous said...


i also like 'playbill', it looks particularly good if you remove all the spacing so the letters are touching. i'm also interested in creating my own fonts. do you have any advice or experience in this field? perhaps you could run a typography masterblogg? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback 'anonymous'.
I've not got round to creating fonts yet, though it's something that's crossed my mind many times. I know that technically there are many tools around for doing this, though of course aesthetically it's a very tough order to craft a worthwhile font to join the zillions already out there.
Not sure I'll be running a typo 'masterblogg' anytime soon, though it's a worthy topic, that surely many would contribute to such a thing.
thanks again, CG.

Fred said...

Hi, I need a cool rugby poster for our shop display, this looks excellent, would you be able to email it to me in A4 so we can print it and use it?

alisson said...

I don't know about commercial software but there is a piece of software called Inkscape (opensource) that is crossplatform and can create svg fonts and under Linux that is a software called FontForge that can generate truetype and opentype fonts among many other formats.
Chris congrats for the nice work.