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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dave Daniels Talk

Tuesday night this week (25/04/06) went to see Tandem colleague Dave Daniels give a talk at the Curzon Cinema in soho. The Adobe hosted 'Inspired Media Event' was well attended by a genuinely appreciative crowd. Dave illustrated his talk with a graphical slideshow - a nice touch, and there was abundant movie material, some I hadn't seen before. Dave makes a lot of short films; often abstract; always experimental and much of the time exploring the interaction of music and image. Some examples of Dave Daniels work can be seen on the Tandem website www.tandemfilms.com (click on Directors)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Meshed

Trying to get some funding for your next animated short? The Channel Four Mesh Scheme is open for entries again. Submission dealine for proposals is 22nd September 2006.

Too Short

Back to nightshift work on the short. I've just spotted the upcoming Rushes Soho Shorts Festival; also just noticed the 5th May submission deadline for entries! Is this movie going to make it? It'd be very nice to get this film out and hopefully get it picked up for some screenings.
I'm mostly happy with the picture now, but the soundtrack needs work. Here's the problem... the soundtrack is a piece of music I composed using Cubasis VST 4.0 around three years ago. Since then I've changed my PC and now also moved house. I now can't find the Cubasis cd-rom!
So I've got old cubasis files (.all format) that I need to get into to modify the track to fit the picture... Cubasis seems to be obsolete now according to the Steinberg website and I've no idea whether my Cubasis VST 4.0 files would be usable in any current version of Cubase. Any ideas/suggestions would certainly be most welcome.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Moved In

Spent this weekend moving house. From one bit of London suburbia to another not very far away. All those who know us better watch out for change of address info coming soon...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Random to the Movies

I'm ploughing on to finish the short film 'Evo' soon, and needless to say, new ideas keep coming along when I'm least able to act upon them. Moving house this week will doubtless contribute to furthering this frustration erm... further.

One idea I'm toying with takes the randomly generated text of Poematic into the realm of movie-making. I.e. some kind of code that generates movie scripts and draws on a bank of picture and audio elements to make a pseudo-narrative film that really is different every time. It's probably animation again, because this allows for more dynamically created elements etc. No matter how great the code is, the result will be surreal and disjointed... I quite like the idea of using familiar trappings of the thriller genre as the components for this.

Working title for this project "Unique" ... a tagline already too "the new film every time film"
Is it a goer?