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Experienced film-maker Chris Gavin is a Producer/Director of short films, promotional films, information films, explainer films and event films.
Productions can incorporate animation, live action video shooting or innovative mixed-media techniques. Here's a showreel of work Chris has Directed and (mostly) made.


Chris is also a VERY experienced animation compositor with 20+ years working in this role across many TV series, commercials, promos & short films. Starting out in the mid 90s as a leading expert in the Animo system but switching to using After Effects back in 2002, Chris can work in a Compositor role (TANDEM, Nexus Studios, Not to Scale etc.) or as a Lead Compositor ("BearHunt" for Channel4/Lupus Films). Here's a showreel of work Chris has worked on as an Animation Compositor.



First Class Degree qualified and with over 20 years of industry experience, since 2006 Chris has Directed projects for the broadcasters and brands such as the BBC, Sky, Canongate Books, iRobot, Transport for London, The UK Home Office, Focus DIY and The Guardian. Chris has undertaken Directing work for top agencies such as M&C Saatchi, W+K London and TANDEM Films.

Chris has considerable experience in creating online video content, from one-off explainer films and crowd-funding campaign films through to developing ongoing series-based video content to sustain and engage viewers.
Chris has skills at every stage of the film-making process from planning to delivery and the experience and contact-list to pull together a larger production team whenever required.

Please have a look around this site to see samples of the work on offer. Chris now works independently and is available to work for agencies or clients directly and very keen to take on new projects. Please email if you'd like to discuss developing video content for your business too.
Download the brochure (pdf document 6.3MB) showing case studies of recent video projects Directed by chrisgavin.com