// www.chrisgavin.com: RANDOM


This is a piece of my Flash ActionScript coding which for several years formed a randomly generated front page to my website. I had in mind that having a randomly generated feature like this meant that I wouldn't have to actually add new content to the site too often. This idea was inspired by the magnetic poetry tiles you can buy and attach to your fridge.

This code sometimes presents randomized 'Poematic' poetry, sometimes a pre-written text and sometimes serves up a short movie clip. You can slide the 'magnetic' word tiles around to make new poetry or just press the 'randomize' button again to have another go. The 'Poematic' computer-generated code mostly does construct some proper sentences; the code follows some rules of simple sentence construction; placing the randomly selected verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives and connectives etc. in a reasonably acceptable order.

Of course, if your system is not running Flash (looking at you Apple portable device users...) then this bit of my site just wont work for you... too bad.