The short films on this page are all promotional projects Chris has been commissioned to direct and make for clients. If you require a film or commercial for TV or the web, and wish to discuss your requirements, please email and we can work together to develop your concept.

Stop motion animated web promo film commisioned by TfL and made at TANDEM films. Chris co-directed this project with Tobias Fouracre. This film is embedded here from the TfL official YouTube channel.

MAKING MR.PLASTIMIME #7: THE SCORE 2012-2014 web series of 7 x episodes

Oscar-winning animation director Daniel Greaves is making a new short film at TANDEM films and Chris was asked to shoot and edit a series of short 'behind the scenes' webisodes to help document and publicise the project. This is the seventh episode showing the orchestral score for the film being recorded in Slovakia by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

THE SIMON'S CAT STORY 2014 duration 3:25
Chris wrote and directed this film for Simon's at Ltd. This biographical film tells the life story of Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield. The film uses Simon's own drawings and narration to tell the story in the popular 'Draw My Life' style. This film has been watched well over 2 million times on YouTube.

SIMON DRAWS #1: SIMON'S CAT 2011-2013 web series of 12 x 03:00 episodes

Recently Chris has been working for Simon's Cat Ltd. developing new video content for the Simon's Cat Extra channel. Chris produces a webisodic series to showcase Simon Tofield's drawing talents. 'Simon Draws' is a series of pleasing tutorials encouraging fans of Simon's Cat to learn how to draw some of their favourite cartoon characters. Chris devised this format and help with the audio/video recording of these films and edit them into fun and informative three minute episodes.
NEWS+++ Seven of these Simon Draws films have been released so far, more are to follow. This first episode Simon Draws : Simon's Cat has now been watched over 1 million times on YouTube. Another Five of these films (plus more special content) have been made exclusively for the Simon's Cat DVD release, so aren't yet available on the web.


Chris shot and directed this short promotional film for Canongate Books and Simon's Cat Ltd. The film promotes Simon Tofield's third Simon's Cat book 'Kitten Chaos' and showcases the exciting launch night event held in a West end cinema venue. This movie is embedded here from the Canongate YouTube channel.

POLICE 101 2011 duration 00:50

Chris directed, photographed and composited this short public information film whilst at TANDEM films for agency M&C Saatchi. The UK police force required an on-line film to promote 101, the new phone number to be used by the public in non-emergency situations. The spot is (almost) entirely composed of still photographs which Chris shot, then animated and composited in Adobe After Effects. This movie is embedded here from the Devon & Cornwall Police YouTube channel.

OUR TRAGIC UNIVERSE 2011 duration 01:10

This short animation film was commissioned by publishing firm Canongate Books to help promote the paperback release of 'Our Tragic Universe' the latest novel from author Scarlett Thomas. Chris directed and animated this film, some of the footage (the waves and seagull) is recycled from his older Super8 home movies. Other elements are HD and stop motion content shot with a Canon DSLR camera; compositing in After Effects.

LITTLE HANDS CLAPPING 2011 duration 01:10

This short animation film was commissioned by publishing firm Canongate Books to help promote the paperback release of 'Little Hands Clapping' the latest novel from author Dan Rhodes. Chris made this film in his home studio as stop motion animation using a Canon DSLR camera and StopMotionPro software; compositing in After Effects.


This is a short documentary/promotional video Chris directed and edited whilst at TANDEM for Simon's Cat Ltd. Simon Tofield is the creator of the hugely popular Simon's Cat films and books. This film was used on the release of Simon Tofield's first book by the publishers to publicize the release. Combining the stats at both the Hachette(US) & Canongate(UK) YouTube channels this has been watched over a million times so far! D.O.P. for this film was the legendary Simon Paul using a rented Sony EX3 camera. This movie is embedded here from the Canongate YouTube channel.

GUIDE TO GUARDIAN LIVING 2010 duration 13:00

This is a one minute extract from a thirteen minute corporate film Chris recently made for Camelot Property Management. The film is an animated instructional guide to prospective live-in 'Guardians' designed to outline the regulations and contractual details of their licence agreement. The visual treatment is clean and graphical; an instructional style devised for maximum clarity of the message. Chris produced,directed and edited this film, but had some great help from animation friends Jeroen and Mike B. for the 2D(rotoscoping) and 3D(Maya) elements. Chris composited in After Effects and edited in Premiere. The entire film can be seen over on the Camelot Europe YouTube channel here

AQUARIUM ARCHITECTURE  2010 duration 00:38

This demonstration film was commissioned to appear on the Aquarium Architecture website. The sequence illustrates the planning and installation of a feature aquarium. The final live-action footage was provided by Beeston Media. (There is no audio on this film.) Chris directed and animated this using Flash and Maya; compositing in After Effects.