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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thomas & Friends YouTube Content: New Zealand

Here's another episode of the online series put together by Spider Eye for Hit Entertainment. In this episode Thomas travels to New Zealand.

I made the motion graphics title sequence (first 20 seconds) for this web series.  On this particular episode got to colour-in all the New Zealand backgrounds too.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

New product video for Nevion: 'Flashlink'

The product video I made recently for Nevion has just appeared on their YouTube channel. (see video embedded above.) Nevion Flashlink is an optical transfer system for sending multiple signals from one location to another in real-time.

The client had the script written already, and I sourced the US male voice-over for them. For this video I built a simplified model of the product in Cinema 4D, then combined this with text and graphics I put-together in After Effects. Turnaround time for this kind of video is usually around three weeks.

The Nevion team will be at the IBC show in Amsterdam this week, I wish them a successful and fruitful time at the exhibition.

Using C4D


I've been using Maxon Cinema 4D for many of the corporate/web videos I've been making since I bought the software last year. I tend to make pretty simple 3D stuff to incorporate into these projects; learning just a little more about it each time I get to use it. I seem to be more interested in making 'graphical' work with it rather than photo-realistic stuff.