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Thursday, November 29, 2012

FUTURA GOLD is 'awesomeness'

One of the first web reviews of THE FUTURA GOLD has come in, and it's a good one...
 from Mike Rankin of www.creativepro.com


Joe Graham said...


Great work Chris.

chrisgavin said...


Many thanks for bringing my attention to that post too. It's really encouraging to get coverage like this, many thanks.

I'm quite sure my films do stray pretty far from the design ideals of the typeface's originator. My reasons for choosing this font are pretty functional... mainly that it has no serifs and nice round circular forms... These features make the characters visually interchangeable for so many other things. For my animation purposes, the simpler fonts with the least 'character' seem to work best.

Anonymous said...

Looking good -- http://creativebits.org/inspiration/chris_gavins_futura_gold

chrisgavin said...

Many thanks Anonymous for drawing my attention to the creativebits.org posting too. It's lovely to get a mention for my project there; especially when the links back to my films are included too ;) Many thanks.