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Thursday, November 29, 2012

FUTURA GOLD is 'awesomeness'

One of the first web reviews of THE FUTURA GOLD has come in, and it's a good one...
 from Mike Rankin of www.creativepro.com

Friday, November 23, 2012

3 New Simon's Cat Films Today

It's been a grand day for Simon Tofield and the Simon's Cat team, with THREE new short film released to YouTube this evening. The many fans of Simon's Cat eagerly await the release of each new animated episode and  Nut Again will surely not disappoint.

The animated cartoons are the main event of course, but I'm very happy to have helped out Simon's Cat Ltd. by making the two supporting 'Behind The Scenes' videos also released today. Simon Paints 'Catnip' and Simon Draws 'Squirrels'.

For Simon Paints 'Catnip' we screen-recorded Simon Tofield as he digitally paints one of the pages of his new book Simon's Cat vs The World.  Simon is seen colouring one of his book illustrations in Photoshop CS3 using a Wacom tablet and pen. I shot some cutaways and book-ended the piece (ahem) with shots of Simon's sketch books and the final image as a page of the resulting full-colour book (Available now!)
Of course the action is somewhat sped up; I edited the piece to compress a day of Simon's work down  into three minutes. Music is by Russell Pay of Shrooty.

Simon Draws 'Squirrels' is the ninth video in the series of drawing tutorials released online so far. In this episode, the talented Mr. Tofield shows us how he draws his squirrel characters. We've got a slightly slicker method of recording these now. The first few were recorded with a separate audio recorder 'double system' style, but recording the screen drawing and voice together in Quicktime X on the iMac in real time saves a lot of subsequent editing time. Music and sound mix is again by Russell Pay of Shrooty.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

THE FUTURA GOLD: episode 02 preview

 Here's a little preview/trailer for episode 02 of THE FUTURA GOLD series...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

THE FUTURA GOLD : 1000+ Hits!

Nice to see that my new animation short THE FUTURA GOLD : episode 01 has now clocked up over 1000 views since its YouTube debut on October 26th. Viewers are subscribing to the channel too, which bodes well. I'm also pleased to see that the FaceBook page I set up for the project is shaping-up nicely.

It's always great to get some online coverage for the launch of my project too. Thanks especially the fine typography website FontFeed.com

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Enfield on Super 8 film : Reel 04

I just got the fourth roll of super 8 footage back from 18 Frames in Germany this week as HD .avi files from their Muller scanner. Keen followers of this blog will remember that over the last year or two I have been out and about in my home town shooting lots of super8; old-style home movies on analogue film with my 1970s era Nizo camera.

Some of this footage will ultimately become part of my Enfield: My Kinda Town project, but in the meantime, here are some new stills.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

FUTURA GOLD is TANDEM 'Short of the Month'

TANDEM films (the studio that represents me for commercials Directing work) has just selected THE FUTURA GOLD: episode 01 to be the 'selected short' for the month of November.

This means my film will feature on the front page of the TANDEM website for the next 30 days.