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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Showbiz Festival Party!

Your showbiz party correspondent has just come back from his second glamorous film festival launch party in just as many weeks. A Couple of weeks ago it was the launch party for Onedotzero over in Shoreditch, tonight it was the Bristol Encounters Short Film Festival party at the Channel Four HQ over in Horseferry Road SW1.
(Both festivals have taken on TXT ISLAND thus the invites to the parties.)

I can report that tonight's event was rather more appealing... No loud music (I'm getting old!), the chance to actually meet a few people and talk to them, a screening of some great shorts, some nibbles (including miniaturized cheeseburgers) and even a goody bag with some DVDs in.

The Festival programme is now up, details of the 'Best of British #2'screening (including TXT ISLAND of course) can be found here.
I'm thinking maybe I should go to see the festival in November!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

TXT To Go To Holland

The TXT ISLAND international tour continues... The film has been selected in Competition at the Holland Animation Festival (HAFF) 4th-8th November 2009.

Second Born

Well, after being one of the 3 finalists in this year's Rushes Soho Shorts film festival, TXT ISLAND has faired slightly better at the Danish 'BornShorts' festival by being announced as 'Runner-up' in the animation category.
So I made it into the last two this time!

Check out the BornShorts winners (and runners-up!) here.

Directed a Guardian Ad

I don't usually blog here about my dayjob at TANDEM (most of my work there gets an airing on the TANDEM blog anyway) but over the last 2 weeks at TANDEM I directed another commercial. This 10-seconder was made for agency Wieden+Kennedy to promote this weekend's Guardian and Observer guides to drawing and painting. The ad is now running on UK television, the newspapers go on sale this weekend.

See the finished commercial here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Down By The River

I journeyed into the centre of town on Sunday to go see TXT ISLAND playing at the BFI Cinema 1 on the South Bank. My short-film showed as part of the Onedotzero festival in a varied programme called 'Craftwork 09'; the theme of which was film work inspired by a 'hand-made' aesthetic.

Nice to meet the 1.0 folks (thanks Jo and Shane etc.) and enjoy the hospitality of their Green Room ;) they also rather rashly let me take the mic at the Q&A session before the screening and even videotaped some of my ramblings afterwards!
Having been thoroughly 'documented' I headed back over the river and found myself amongst the revellers of the Thames River Festival.

My gosh, on a nice evening with things going on London is one spectacular city.

I'm finally starting to enjoy this rather shoddily constructed Canon 350d camera I've had for some years now.

800 ASA, and at one with the manual controls I can even take pictures at night!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Open To Offers

Well then,

Apparently today 09/09/09 is the 'World Day of Interconnectedness' and 'The Recession is officially over!'

As of 4 weeks from now 12/10/09 I'm officially a freelancer again and looking for gainful employment. Any offers most welcome!