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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nizo 4080 in Camera Hospital

This week on camera hospital, take a look at this fella... That's right, it's another German Braun Nizo, a younger one this time and would ya look at that gorgeous black coat... But he came in to the hospital with a dodgy trigger and couldn't run anymore... We had to operate...

Well, it was touch and go for a while, and to be frank there were bits all over the place, but it's good news. He's back together again and whirring like a contented puppy... bet he can't wait to go out and play...


Anonymous said...

Hey... you wouldn't know how to fix the internal lightmeter of a 4080, by any chance :) john at neatism com

chrisgavin said...

Hi John,

Unfortunately, since my rather triumphalist post, this little critter (the Nizo 4080) now doesn't work at all; I can't chuck any more hours at this project for now.

I can't help with your query, there doesn't seem to be a viable (cheap enough) way of getting such cameras expertly fixed, so DIY hacking seems to be the only thing to try. Of course the outcome isn't always good.

Best of luck and good luck.