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Friday, September 12, 2008

Further Adventures in Telecine

After around three months research at the extreme edges of DIY film-making, technologists in Enfield have today switched on a machine that captures some of the tiniest and most elusive sub-atomic images known to man ; the so-called 'Super 8 frames'...

Following in the esteemed footsteps of of Roger Evans, Fred's Telecine and with guidance from the extensive notes published at diy super8 telecine the UK based team have extensively modified a Chinon movie projector to create a home-telecine unit for 8mm film.

Jeff on Bridlington beach 1992

We can reveal that the initial tests have been quite promising. A single 50ft reel of super 8 film was digitized frame by frame at PAL resolution at around 3 images per second. Slightly higher speeds may be obtainable soon, and upgrades to the camera and optical elements will surely follow...

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Anonymous said...

I love the film wiht the Bridlington footage - will just mailed it to me on Facebook - I had posted a couple of old Hull photos for him and someone at work was selling a Super8 on our electronic noticeboard, so that prompted me to ask about the Bridlington film, and what happens, but Will sends it! Anyway, how are you?! Hope you are well. Regards. Lucy x