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Monday, April 30, 2007

That New Evo Sound

The 2007 re-release of Evo; featuring the all-new Earodynamics sound design can be seen here. I'm getting together another batch of festival applications to mark the occasion...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big In Berlin

The curators at Berlin-based arts and culture magazine Sleek have chosen my shortfilm Evo for their growing online "Art in Motion" archive. (If you choose to follow this link, you'll need to scroll down their page a bit to see 'Evo'.)

Video: 'Pin Disco'

Click on this image to view the QuickTime (1.6MB)

The very night before last week's deadline I decided to submit an entry for Channel E4's E-stings competition. I reached for those pins again and chose one of their quirkier electronica soundtracks to work to ... it's a seven second ident for E4 Music Channel; I called it 'Pin Disco'.


At Tandem we've finished the 13 idents I was directing/compositing on for Focus (The nationwide D.I.Y. retailer.) Since then there's also been compositing work to do on some Idents for Ribena to show during ad-breaks in ITV's "Grease Is The Word" show on Saturday evenings. The studio has kept pretty busy for a good while now. The Tandem blog is definitely worth a look.